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E05: Fearless Frames

Fearless Frames Inc makes metal frames for containers.

Your task is to find the maximum volume of prism-shaped frame that can be made with a limited supply of metal.

Mathematical Content

This task asks students to select and apply mathematical content from across the grades, including the content standards:

Note: These references are provisional: we are still developing our critera for consistently linking individual tasks to the CCSS.

MAP Assessment Task Types

The task types indicate the breadth and depth of CCSS mathematical practices assessed by the task. Novice tasks involve only MP2 and MP6 and do so at a low level. Apprentice tasks add MP3 and MP7 but, because of the guidance within the task, do so at a comparatively modest level. Expert tasks aim to cover the full range of practices.

Note: these task types offer a guide as to how tasks relate to the mathematical practices. We are currently considering whether referencing the specific practices relating to each task would be useful or appropriate.



Scoring Rubric

Student Work - unscored

Student Work - scored

Note: please bear in mind that these prototype materials need some further trialing before inclusion in a high-stakes test.

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